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The Personal Research Advisor Wizard (PRAW) is a wizard-based easy to use tutor for authoring a scientific research. The goal is to help high school, college and university students to plan their research/thesis work following the scientific method.
PRAW is a web based application an is distributed as a Zope Product. It can be installed as a service in Schools, Colleges and Universities. In this way these institutions can unify the format for the planning, execution and writting the student's research works. On the other help they help students to make their research experience easier and fast. It requires the student to log-in using a user name and a password (this will protect the student work), then select the research area/field and goals. Once the student know what they want to research, it will help in searching the literature (using available web resources). PRAW will prompt for variables, scales, hypothesis, and will generate automaticly the data recollection forms (which could also be used for on-line data input), the databases for saving the data. PRAW will also select the tools for data analysis (statistics) and data presentation (graphs and tables) and will automaticly generate the the required templates. At the end of the process, the student will be presented with all the saved data (all data is saved in an external database) in a special format to help the student to complete his/her work. The resulting work could then be exported into a txt, html or openoffice format for further work on a word processor, or if finished exported to postscript or pdf format.
PRAW requires the following software installed:

Other optional packages, depending on the research area on which you wish to use it, are:

Praw uses internally third party open source software (mostly GPLed):

PRAW is released under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL)

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